Welcome to Casa d’Oro Ministries

Welcome to our sanctuary. Casa Doro Ministries, founded in 2001, is dedicated to assisting you in finding a deeper understanding of your spiritual nature and in achieving the goal of truly knowing yourself. Our organization draws on teachings from many diverse spiritual practices which allows us to provide different approaches and viewpoints towards spirituality. Please enjoy browsing our site, may your journey of self discovery be a graceful one.

Our Creed

We believe the study, dissemination, and application of the healing arts is a spiritual journey and that all healing comes exclusively from the Almighty. Therefore, our true function is to act as conduits for the Holy Spirit.

We are devoted to the physical, mental, and spiritual education and well-being of individuals who are interested in acquiring a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the universe. We engage in the implementation and use of materials and techniques that further the holistic approach, including the laying on of hands, clairvoyant reading, trans-medium healing, spirit to spirit communication and other methods of achieving physical, mental, and spiritual health as a whole human being.

We believe the event of marriage is sacred and to be supported in an inspiring, non-dogmatic manner, regardless of faith, creed, or interpretation. The covenant of marriage is exemplified by the spiritual agreement between the spouses and their creator. All ideas and interpretations should be respected.